About Us

Hermógenes Piaguaje

Hermogenes is a Siona Tayta. He is a senior who has worked with Yajé and master plants for over 40 years. In 2020 he received an important award from the Minister of Culture for the work he has carried out in his life preserving the yagé ceremonies. 

He is in charge of the yagé ceremonies and the personal cleansings with tobacco and ikaros. He is a great counselor and will give us guidance to clarify our life situations.

Nubia Pai

Nubia is from the Awa indigenous community. She comes from the Awa community. She is in charge of preparing remedies and baths with plants and flowers. She also prepares the vomitives.

Norman Piaguaje 

Siona traditional medicine man. His father was a great Tayta of the community and he received all his knowledge by learning for years at his side. Norman prepares a very loving yagé. He is in charge of the Yagé ceremony and spiritual cleaning.

Agustina Lallana

Agustina is our guide. She took yagé for the first time in 2005. Since 2013 she has been guiding people to Putumayo to have, in many cases, their first experience with yagé. She knows the region very well and can guide to different communities that use sacred plants in Putumayo. Her nationality is Argentine – Spanish with residence in Colombia. She was a professional rock climber turn visual artist.