This retreat offers an immersion in traditional Siona plant-spirit healing. We share unique distinctions and practices that empower you to take full responsibility for and agency over your life. The alchemy of these systems offers an opportunity for powerful healing that reaches into the roots of trauma and provides integration to bring profound transformation into your life.


6 days Retreat

3 ceremonies with a Siona traditional medicine man over the course of  6 days.

11 days Retreat

6 ceremonies with a Siona traditional medicine man over the course of  11 days.

We offer private retreats, therefore it takes place with a minimum of one and a maximum of 5 people.

The retreats are carried out privately, and in some cases guest’s need more time to integrate de ayahuasca ceremonies, therefore we offer the possibility to  decide how many times you would like to take yajé and how many days you would like to stay in the jungle. A maximun of 5 person


Food: A simple, traditional Siona dieta food of plantain, yucca, certain grains, salads, corn fed chicken, field eggs

and fish will be served. Also seasonal fruits. Vegetarians can be catered for.

Accommodation: We will stay in a rustic, wooden palafito house.  The guest will have a private room, consisting of a single bed, pillow, sheets, mosquito net, and small table. Toilet and shower is shared (only few people staying at the house). There is running water. Guests will need to bring their own towels and blanket.

Pick-up: 1 pm boat from Puerto Asís to the community.

Drop-off: We will leave the community early on the last day of the retreat and travel back to Puerto Asís by boat.

*ATMs can be found in Puerto Asís. If you wish to withdraw pesos, please plan to visit the ATM prior to the pick-up time as it will not be possible to travel there during your retreat.


What’s Included


  • 3 or 6 ayahuasca ceremonies
  • An experienced Tayta (traditional medicine man) to offer guidance throughout the retreat with processing and integration
  • An individual consultations with the healers and your guide
  • Meetings and educational talks with the Tayta
  • All food and drink (simple, traditional dieta food)
  • Private room accommodation
  • Vomitivos (stomach cleansing)
  • Flower baths
  • Tobacco cleansings after each ceremonie
  • Translation from Siona / Spanish to English
  • Transportation to and from Puerto Asís
  • Transportation to and from the Puerto Asís airport

What’s not Included:


  • Airfares (international and national)
  • Travel insurance
  • Accommodation outside of the community
  • Personal expenses (meals and drinks in Puerto Asís, etc).




Costs vary based on group size and number of days. Please contact us on whatsapp +573219614501 / email and we will give you all the information you need to organize your retreat.