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Traditional Yagé – Ayahuasca Retreat in the Jungle of Putumayo


This retreat offers an immersion in traditional Siona plant-spirit healing, within the indigenous community. Understanding that the spiritual practice of the consumption of Yage is traditional of the original Putumayo communities and it is for that reason that the retreat takes on a deep meaning when it is carried out in the jungle and is guided by the healers in their own ceremonial spaces. The ceremonies are held privately, together with reputable Taitas with whom we have been working for the last 9 years. The alchemy of these systems offers an opportunity for powerful healing. Most indigenous healers train through a system of traditional medical education, essentially given to them by the plant spirits through many plant dietas over many years. This education takes numerous years to learn and then to practice effectively.


Respecting Tradition


The foundation of our work at Putumayo Experience is traditional Amazonian medicine, practiced by genuine and highly skilled indigenous healers. We deeply honor and respect indigenous traditions, their tried and tested healing practices and profound wisdom that has evolved over thousands of years of working with yagé – ayahuasca and Amazonian medicinal plants and trees.

Traditional healers of Putumayo need to undergo arduous training over many years in order to effectively administer and manage yagé. A genuine healer of the Putumayo, is in a position to deal with the many issues that can arise. Indigenous healers across the planet are record-keepers of an ancient system of working with medicinal plants that cannot be patented.